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Ellie Hyde
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Ellie Hyde I LOVE the way he slags everyone off haha, so brutal. The cd case is soo cool! Beautifully done, its so eye catching and vibrant. The vinyl CD was such a wicked idea too. Well worth a Fiver! <3 Favorite track: RED LIGHT.
Carly Shepherd
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Carly Shepherd DANGER is absolutely amazing! Not one bad track, just amazing. The case artwork is proper awesome too. Still haven't stopped listening to it since I got it!

Everyone definitely needs DANGER in their lives!!
Paul thumbnail
Paul This album is better than all the weak tunes bait rappers are putting out there seriously it just gets better and better,£5 doesn't even come close
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The controversial final Mix-tape from one of London Underground's most Sickening Hip Hop Artists. Violently Sick entertainment © ℗

DANGER is a 23 Track mix-tape of pure cut and paste containing a wide variety of well known production re-mixed and re-smashed by AGER.

This is the 2nd Mix-tape from AGER, following up the massively successful debut Mix-tape, THE WARNING, which to date has spent a total of 7 weeks at Number 1 in Bandcamp's UK Hip Hop Most Popular Chart, with the Compact Disc reaching Number 9 in Bandcamp's Best Selling Hip Hop Chart, alongside Wu-Tang Clan's 12 ReasonsTo Die at Number 3.

Several of the songs from THE WARNING have since been embedded on NME.com, as well as a number of other Music sites including US Hip Hop Artist The Game's Blazetrak.com, were the Intro Song, #BANGBANGBANG, was giving a 5 Star Rating and credited to have “Massive Underground Appeal”. Bearing that in mind, DANGER is set to take the Underground by storm.


released October 31, 2013

Recorded & Mixed by Kraze Kingston
Artwork & Design by AGER

To date, DANGER has spent 8 consecutive weeks at Number 1 in both the UK Hip Hop & UK Rap Most Popular Chart. The CD was in Bandcamp's Top 10 Best Selling Hip Hop CD category for 4 weeks, and in November it also hit the Number 1 Best Selling CD spot across ALL artists, genres and countries!

AGER would like to Thank the following: Everyone who has listened, liked, shared, purchased and enjoyed my music. And a massive Thank You to ALL those that have contiued to followed and Supported what i do. It means more to me than any of you could ever know, so Thank You. An extended Thanks to 'Pre-set Pete' for putting up with my never ending list of changes and add ons haha. Peace

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VIOLENTLY SICK UK Rap Music, fresh from the London Underground!

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Track Name: DANGER

The name's AGER, you all know it by now/
like a fat skipping, shit's about to go down/
i'll leave a sour taste, like my dick in your mouth/
this Rap shit's a bitch, and I ain't licking it out/

I figured it out, got me fucking giggling now/
it's like a brass house, bitch ain't just giving it out/
don't pay, don't play, you fucking figure it out/
then watch the Sickness cum out, yeah dribbling down/

i'm fucking disgrace, fuck 50 Shade love/
I was putting gags on chicks, before Christian Grey was/
you'd love it, dick hitting your cervix/
i'm Big, didn't say I was perfect/

Stella'd up, and i'm ready to rowel/
15 minutes to shine, i'm taking my time now/
this is out to the, mother fuckers that doubt/
i'ma leave egg on your face like Simon Cowell/

Bite your face off, like a zombie on bath salts/
why, 'cos I hate tramps, and i'm hardcore/
pissed up, showing the whole world i'm horrid/
on a push bike, lashed, shouting “fuck Boris”/

I'ma give you what Michael Jackson gave ya/
this is what happens, when Jimmy and Rolf raised ya/
I know you can't stand it, it's tragic/
but it's on everyone's street, even Barlow’s at it/

DANGER, you don't wanna fuck with Age/
Yeah it's DANGER. Don't make me say it again/
You know it's DANGER, so let me hear you say/

What the fuck do you expect, all I see is War/
all I feel are cuts, the rich steal from the poor/
so why the fuck would I give a shit, fuck the law/
yeah i'm worse than Tulisa's porn/-

on level I don't give a fuck/-
and excuse the pun, but you know she sucked/
fuck Maggie, i'm glad she's dead/
and unlike heather mills, i'm not pulling your leg/

I'ma sick puppy, so please don't bug me/
'cos i'm dirty like a crack whore, begging please baby fuck me/
and she's on her period, offering discounts/
I gave you a Warning, I guess you missed out/

it's going off, like Angelina's tits/
and shit's getting uglier, than Jay Z's kid/
bring an army, guns out, and tell 'em to pull it/
'cos I leave soldiers dead on these streets, like it's Woolwich/

i'ma, piss taker, taking the piss/
with a, sick flavour for making these hits/
I got Dope on the pan, i'm fucking baking the bricks/
these other Rappers bars are weed, I break 'em to bits/

I'ma piss taker, taking the piss/
with a sick flavour, for making the hits/
Dope on the pan, I'm fucking baking the bricks/
these other rappers bars are weed, I break 'em to bits/

It's just jokes, it's entertainment/
and I'm laughing all the way to the bank, with my payments/
dropping shit on the street, like a dog on the pavement/
these other rappers are as real, as Katie Price's engagement/

DANGER, you don't wanna fuck with Age/
Yeah it's DANGER. Don't make me say it again/
You know it's DANGER, so let me hear you say/

The truth is I don't even try/
I'm just quick witted with an evil mind/
and it's an evil time, seeing evil crimes/
so who's really to blame for these evil rhymes/

“ME”, spit like I got clap on my tung/
Sick, like Aboo Hamza fisting your mum/
let me finish this last mix-tape and I'm done/
'cos they say life's a bitch, and I'm fucking this cunt/
Track Name: WICKED

Yo, you don't really want it, your talking your on it/
i'm astonished, to be honest, i'm a fucking alcoholic/
living a life, rife with knife crime, give me your wallet/
on a packed train, pissed up, screaming, who wants it/

hooligans, thuged out, not giving a fuck now/
sniffed up, druged out, you'r bang out of luck pal/
I suggest you duck down, 'cos shit's getting rough now/
bitches get slapped too, you're all getting snuffed out/

and toby jugs, thinking they're thugs, talking too much/
how they banged us back in the day, you ain't tough/
16 year olds, smashed whole crews, talk it up/
more trains, more whores, more money, you're nuts/

fuck with our legacy, fuck you it's jealousy/
Baddest mother fuckers in the borough, fuck what they're telling me/ stick to the facts, keep sucking on crack/ over 200 trains running the tracks, it's a wrap/

I body rappers, i'ma rapper wrapping bodies/
bodies, chopped, wrapped, packed, stacked, that's that, sorry?/
i'm not sorry, i'm sorry, i'm not sorry/
like beating a sex dolly, or snatching kids lollies/

taking candy from a baby, fucking a lady/
killing rappers careers, I can explain see/
every mother fucking word I writ/-
'cos I did this shit, “I live this shit”/

I ain't saying she's a Gold Digger-
but Kanye knocked up a fucking Kardashian/
and I ain't saying i'm a dope dealer-
but i'm shotting raps, that are fucking smashing 'em/

Violently Sick, infecting shit like a virus/
causing a stink in the gutters, like dirty vaginas/
getting up your nose, like Ketamine in your sinus/
Dirtier than a pair of knickers, fresh off Miley Cyrus/

cock suckers say “i fucked you kids Mum”/
I just laugh at the cunts, and ask 'em which one/
it ain't hard, when your ex is a brass/
a stripper that got fired, due to complaints of stretch marks/

sounds harsh, but now I just laugh/
had an affair for 2 years, so with all of my heart/
I embrace the disgrace, but will never be bitter/
'cos if I feel shame, remember, I fucked your sister!/

talk shit about weapons, and I reply to that/
stab 1, stab 2,- stab, stab, staaaab/
looking back, at all the paint we racked/
all the trains we smashed, all the chains we snatched/

all the weight we jacked, all the change we stacked/
all the fame we had, you can't relate to that/
No, so stop talking like you lived it, you did it/
you didn't, and this is, Gospel, “Hit it”/

I writ the script, you watched the show/
you're breaking bad, i'm breaking bones/
I bolt cut toes, i've bolt cut loads/
my people got grows, you're people smoke Oz/

I take the piss, I want you to know/
i'm stereotypical, I want the money and hoes/
a fat chick said she wanted it, I didn't say no/
so she went boom, boom, boom, and I went, wayo/

all jokes a side, these rappers are all dead/
shit no one wants to see, like Jessie J's bald head/
These punch lines are getting sillier/-
but China said to back the US, in another War, is even Syria/

When I writ this shit, I burned my top lip, and the shit gave me a cold ha. On the level, shit ain't even a joke. Anyway, fuck it, check it, yo-

I chop 'em up in a bath, stick body parts in a bag/
you can catch me pissed up, spitting bars to slags/
Temper like a bayonet, you get charged and stabbed/
I'm that sick cunt, that stuck, Niki Manaj in a gag/

Meth heads iced up, with matchstick teeth/
That's who I got backing me, when I handle my beef/
I sing a couple soft songs, to get head faster/
Then run 'em on a school girl, call me head master/

Treat all my critics like pussy's, I fuck 'em/
I don't like the youngers, and I don't trust 'em/
some say I won't sell 10 copies, I'd like to mention/
I got knife to my Nan, she copped 10 copies, out her pension/

Like Mario on mushrooms, I get big/
Talk shit, like a fit chick, you'll get dick/
Sipping Jesus juice, flying, 'till I throw up/
Peter pan mother fucker, I'll never fucking grow up/

I drop it sick, and you know that/you hear it once, you can't go back/ I drop it sick, and you know that/ so don't call my name-

Woooo, yeah these lines are getting too much/
like a skinny chick sniffing lines, then getting two's up/
Give me a big fat chick, that eats ribs/
Smack her on the backside, like Jimmy beats kids/

We got a fucked sense of humour, these are dark times/
manors are like teenage virgins, things you can't find/
force my CD on you, while I'm pissed, drunk/
and if you don't like Age, go listen to Chip Monk, you shit cunt/

Slap on a ill beat, AGER just hops in/
It's too much like Shady though, fuck it, it worked for Hopsin/
the sound track of my childhood, was ill/
Then Skinny Man and TaskForce, showed me what's real/

I guess it's why my CD's, so diverse/
I can murder a verse, keep it real and switch perverse/
I like the punch lines, they make laugh though/
now my sick mind's, balls deep in the charts, yo/

I'm pissed, 'cos all I ever wanted was a nice girl/
I'm 28 now, still wanking over Spice girls/
Ager's ill, always comes with them hard lines/
Disgusting, like the history on my hard drive/

I drop it sick, and you know that/you hear it once, you can't go back/ I drop it sick, and you know that/ so don't call my name-
Track Name: RED LIGHT

The boroughs where they see me at, asking where the the CD's at/ haters say it's hype, 7 weeks at Number 1, believe the facts/ I love my people, don't need the rats, rap's nothing, but cheese and trap/ this scene is whack, fuck the rap, i'm leaving rap, believe in that/

I'm taking my time, getting 'em hyped/ giving 'em hits, like they're hitting a pipe/ living my life, spitting a side/ i'm getting 'em high, like they're sniffing a line/ ain't in my category, never could battle me, no I don't battle see, i'm rocking your jaw/ when i “knock, knock, knock on your door”/ it's War time:

see that red light, that red light, means mic time, it's my time/
so stop trying, to compare, fuck yours, they'll take mine/
in CD's, or downloads, and blast it, 'till the sound blows/
'cos I make hits, you make shit, the London underground knows/

so give it away, i'll give 'em a day, give 'em a chance, see what they say/ I gave 'em a 5, while I was away, they still couldn't make, a move that I made/ so lock all your doors, fit windows with boards, i'll knock your house, with the thugs that I brought/ “knock, knock, knock on your door”/ it's War time:

I don't rap words, just for filler, and my metaphors are killer/
I call it Violently Sick Entertainment, 'cos no one's fucking iller/
you can dance to this, laugh with this, cry and break your heart to this/ or i'm having a giggle, and taking the piss/ but this is my life, when i'm making these hits/

I mastered this, pressed the hardest disc, even look how sick the artwork is/ full package, so fall back it's, it's not magic, you just don't have it/ but I do, and I sell more, so hate it, like we hate the law/ when they “knock, knock, knock on your door”/

Let me break down, all i've just said, i've just said, these rappers are dead/ they get in my way, i'm getting my mates, to go to there house, and kick in there heads/ so get out the way, 'cos people today, don't wanna play, the shit that you make/ it's death of the rappers, and crap that they say, I bodied these rappers, and stacked 'em in graves/

Syringes at the ready, mother fuckers , I'm back smacking it/ Cellophane wrap plastic, duct tape for the packaging, when I'm wrapping it/ I ain't having it, not one bar of it/ so don't start with it, about barring bitch/ I scar a bitch, just sparring kid, - with every single bar I writ/

and when the pen turns, you I see pages burn/ fuck money, I got more money than you could ever earn/ I got this shit locked, banked up, like a Jew kid/ in love with this bitch like my bank balance, was shot up by cupid/

Femidoms at the ready, fucking cunts, I'm fucking bitches up/ don't watch, I'm dirtier than itchy sluts, coming down from brown, "what" I'm coming up/ you all know the name, if you don't you should/ I'm a face 'round here, trouble in your neighbourhood/

my boys got more keys than screws do/ we're all thugs, with screws loose/ so quit the talk, 'cos you'd lose/stitched up, it's lose, lose/ when you're running to the filth again/ fuck that ego shit! Number 1 mixtape killer bitch, and now I've fucking killed again/

Serial killer bitch, eating rappers up like you mugs are wheetabix/ making hits for breakfast, while you clowns sat on facebook, all fucking speaking shit/ so eat my fucking dick, you could never ever speak this sick/ It takes the piss, you ain't got what it takes, to ever fucking make these hits/

So you can hate on me, but I'm blind to you/ them statistics shining bright enough to burn your eyes, are yours blinding you!/ excuse the arrogance, really it's all love mate/ but when I hear such bullshit, it opens up my mother fucking flood gates/

this shit flows out like projectile vomit/ I swear to God man I just can't stop it/ mad like a Korean with a nucked up rocket/ finger on the button, you really don't wan't it/ 'cos I'll blow your career off the map kid/ cooked that shit up in a pan, flip the gas switch/ mix baking soda with 100% rap kid/ bottom line, bitch I cracked it/

And you don't wan't no war, I'm a man of peace/ So you crack on with your bullshit, and I'll do me/ and we can keep it sweet, AGER's a mother fucking beast/ and one call's all it takes, for any dumb cunt that ever tries to fuck with me/

Once upon a time, in a place just up the road...
A young man lays on the floor bleeding, his girlfriend's screaming/
out for Police as another man's fleeing/

The girl cries, holding her boyfriend. In her eye's/
tears pour as she's praying, please baby don't die/
another victim of knife crime lying on the pavement/
the girl holds him close, whispers sweet words of their engagement/

his eyes close, he dies in her arms right there/
“this ain't fair” she screams. It's like a scene from a nightmare/
covered in blood, paramedics wrap him up/
Police escort her to a car, “why'd they stab him up”/

one of the coppers said with no tact/
“we need to know now, who done this and why was he attacked?”/
she can't catch a breath, crying. With no hesitation/
the officer start the engine and drives her to the station/

So the boyfriend's dead, the other boy fled/
he got 'round the corner, jumped on a bike, started up the ped/
down the back roads he goes, away from the scene as he sped/
to an abandoned garage to burn his clothes, that's where he heads/

he gets there quick, burns his trainers and his clothes/
got a spare set there stashed, he knows how this goes/
he cleans the knife, snaps the blade, chucks it in the bin/
confident the police won't find no DNA on him/

Meanwhile the girl's getting questioned at the station/
the officer's telling her, her version of events is thinner than his patients/ the girl keeps crying, protesting to go home/ she ses “I told you everything I really don't know!”/

you can see it in her face, there' something she's hiding/ the copper has to let her go, even though he know's that she's lying/ but he tells her she'll have to live with whatever she hides/ and she'll have to live with that guilt for the rest of her life/

She calls her Mum and her Mum picks her up/
the girls in a paper suit, the Police kept all her stuff/
on the drive home, her eye's roll, pain in her heart/
she can feel the guilt eating her soul. “Mum don't start”/

she cries to her mother as her Mother tries to hug her/ “What happened?” she asks. He killed my lover/ the Mother tries to comfort her daughter, reminds her that she loves her/ the Mother asks “who did this?”, the girl cries “my own Brother”/

She gets in has a shower, falls and starts to cry/
can't believe her Boyfriends died, and the reason why/
her Mum seems to understand/ more concerned with protecting her Brother, just accepting he's just killed a man/

she gets dressed and there's a knock on the door/
it's her Brother, “open up i'll kick the lock off the door”/
she opens up repeatidly hits him and starts screaming/
“why did you do this?” he ses “you know the reason!”/

he tells her pack her bags quick, she's fucking leaving/
can't be here for the Police to come back the girl's still screaming/
he slaps his Sister shouts “Make me raise my right hand”/
she sobs “why?” he ses “no way i'm having my Sister with a white man!”/

Yeah laugh it up, you'd be laughing on the other side of your fucking face if you came 'round my estate acting smug you cunt! fucking rich kids- this is for my people in the struggle- check it-

Have you ever dreamed of more than minimum wage/
slaving away, to try and save, for a minimal place/
still living at your mums broke, seeing all these dumb blokes/
showing off their money, while you're feeling like you're scum though/

working at a shit job, your boss is a mug/
spunking all your money on the weekend sniffing up drugs/
or you're sat there signing on, feeling like a low life/
either way you're fucked, feeling like there's no life/

no future, no plans, no hope, no nothing/
so you just try to get through each day, drinking and puffing/
living for the weekend, so you can deep in/
a bit of madness, drink away your yesterdays, i'm speaking/

nothing but what I live, what we're all living/
you're blessed if you've got a Mums to live at, and I ain't kidding/
these rich kids laughing at us, like we're all shit/
while people are in tears, every time they're cutting housing benefits/

You got the shotters and the scammers, doing what they know best/ feeling like, trying to play the legal way is hopeless/ young Mums on their backs, I don't agree with that/ the way they act, like little girls are giving birth to flats/

Every one's a hater, feeling like they're owed some/
working hard, and they ain't got nothing, or no one/
to blame but themselves, I know it sounds harsh/
that's why people act flash, when they got it, like they're stars/

So what if I show off, and act flash/
I earned this shit, I'm just excited to have shit, I never had/
like kids on hot peds, getting shift, slap 'em a tag/
what's the tax on a 7 pound, packet of fags/

'cos they ain't the one's, taking the piss, come on think/
why are we so fucking taxed, on cigarettes and drink/
social and political, I understand it all mate/
it's like we wanna feel love, but all we talk is hate/

And I feel for the workers, slaving away/
getting Taxed to death, every single time they get paid/
writing statuses moaning about benefits, it's easy to blame/
ignorant to the facts, of where their Tax is really placed/

Tell me who's your local MP? What's his job do/ How much does the Queen take, out of the money when they rob you/ ignorance is bliss, so who gives a shit/ like voting, will ever change, a fucking thing, where we liv/

they got the power to take, and you moan when they give/
now they greedy bastards even taking, the home's where we live/
forcing people in the suburbs, further and further/
while your Tax is being used, to fund weapons and murder/

Yo, it's too deep, just bob your head when I speak/
one day I hope you open your eyes, to everything that I see/
'cos all we want is love, but no one knows peace/
so we're crying for our loved one's, praying they're release/

Remember, the Sun will always shine in the end, you just gotta hold tight through these grey sky’s. Peace
Track Name: FREEDOM

Fighting for freedom, but I don't know what we fight for/
i don't even know what what freedom is, when they write laws/
it feels like it's to protect the rich/-
while the rich get rich, and we all live in the shit/

fighting for pennies, trying to pay the rent/
and we're taxed, on every single penny we spend/
with bedroom tax, fucking up, old women and men/
and i'll be on the council list, 'till i'ma hundred and ten/

Conservative Government, still funding a War/
millions a week, while there's kids still hungry and poor/
living on the streets of Westminster, sleeping on a floors/
and they wonder why kids, think “fuck the law”/

I've seen Police men murder, heard Police men lie/
Politicians steal tax, is none of this crime?/
'cos the offences are committed, but we never see justice/
so how the fuck, can you teach a child, what trust is/

The TV, shows us shows, of benefit bashers/
political propaganda, it's just to have us/
complaining to the Government, calling for change/
so you vote for them, to get their own way/

'cos with every cut, that's money in the pockets/
of another government organisation, it's all profit/
it ain't deep, it ain't a conspiracy/
it's just a business, money makes the world turn, seriously/

they tare down the flats, and build a thousand new homes/
then you ask for social housing, and get told no?/
I was born with chains on my wrists, living in the gutters/
of society, until crime, gave me bolt cutters/

so I live like an outlaw, with a law of my own/
it's pistols at dawn, they try taking my home/
snatch the silver spoon, out the mouths of the rich/
if ever they dare, try talk to me about life, like i'm thick/

Shit's like the Wild West, stick up kids/
Hooded up, ready to jack any man, that looks rich/
from a manner, when the man are, looking to get shift/
banged in a slammer, when the judges hammer, gets hit/

sweating in a cell, eating noodles and tuna/
writing letters to their loved ones, feeling like a loser/
but time served me well, an education I thank/
'cos I stopped playing the game, now I steal from the bank/

People often ask me, do I regret going to prison/ and they're surprised when I say no!/ And I tell 'em, I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my fucking knees/ bowing down to a corrupt Government enforced by criminals/ abiding laws passed by paedophiles/ and paying for the privilege of being repeatedly lied to on a daily bases/

living in a class system I can never escape/ whilst my tax is used to fund terrorism and murder. Real freedom, is not giving fuck. Brake the rules, fuck playing the game, steal from the fucking banks, same way they steal from you! But don't be ignorant. Be educated and be lucky. Peace
Track Name: GOLD

Sat here thinking of time's past, behind my laughs/
thinking of way back, my minds glass/
smashed in to a million fragments, like splinters/
digging in my skull, like icicles, in the coldest winters/

nothing but head aches, yeah im'a living cleshe/
but i'm telling 'em these days, you ain't fucking with me mate/
i'm ready for the apocalypses/ stacking bricks trying to build a better future, but waiting for Police to come along and try topple it/

But we ain't fucking stopping it, it's all we fucking got to give/
life's a fucking risk, and we've all fucking got to live/
most probably don't understand, were i'm coming from/
but i'm rapping for that one man, that's forever staying strong/

even though deep down his crushed, feeling like a shell/
walking through this world with a smile, whilst he's living in hell/
And them Girls that stay strong, supporting their man up in jail/
and man up in a cell, still praying for bail/

I feel, traces of love, and remember them days/
before the, evil in man, came and took me away/
before the, hurt and pain, the betrayal, and the shame/
had me devastating lives, like i'm hijacking planes/

an innocent child, born up in this filth/
before the corruption in the City, had that innocence killed/
but still, it's done now, we all grew up/
with scars and hearts, looking broke, and all bruised up/

that's why i'm looking back, feeling sorry for them youngers/
Behind that stoned look in their eyes, you see a hunger/
or a vague look, un-educated, and I ain't talking books/
or you see the fear in their eyes, 'cos life has got them shook/

'Cos you can work hard, but all you'll ever do is pay rent/
council tax, electric, gas, food, wages spent/
get pissed on the weekend, Monday do it all again/
and in the end, die with debts, we all spend/

too much of our lives surviving, what about living?/
and I ain't talking getting messy with the powder, in the kitchen/
ask a Cancer patient on his death bed, how much his life's worth/
6 pound an hour, is the last thing he thinks, as his mind turns/

I could go political, but what's the fucking point/
does anyone really listen, all I ever hear is noise/
I ain't got the answers, like God and Politicians/
but i'd rather put my faith in religion, at least God listens/

fuck you're Gucci fashion, and your Grey Goose/
and fuck your road rap, I don't rap, I play a beats, and i say the truth/
can't help each other, unless we help our selves/
but when we help ourselves, we're labeled selfish, and we sell ourselves/

cheap, real cheap, but life is a blessing/
yeah at times it's depressing, but why bother stressing/
over shit, out of our control/
and money ain't shit, but a credit note for stolen gold, you'll never own/

but real gold is having a good heart, and clean soul/
having friends and family, you can always hold close/
but me, like most, I take it for granted/
and now I'm nearly at the end, I wish i'd never started/

Look, I was raised in the sewers, surrounded by rats/
every time I tried to leave, fucking cunts pulled me back/
seeing friends sucking stella cans, smoking the crack/
drinking in squats, watching grown men doing smack/

14 year old girls rotting away, on their backs/
sucking off old men, for a line when they cat/
when it rained on the blocks, we'd all hide in the flats/
if a neighbour would complain, then a neighbour got slapped/

Hoodlums, with no purpose, thinking life is fucking worthless/
all workers, shotters, jackers, robbers, all on fucking earners/
all on the run, I was born on the run/
APAC forever, fuck the pigs, still calling a cunts/

when it's hot, we'd swim in the Thames, belling my friends/
tell 'em bring the wimin swimming, I've got the cider and a tens/
thinking that we're winning, grinning, I'm riding all her friends/
all singing, drinking, binging on cider in the end/

The sun set, and it was back on the blocks/
ballsing up the weed and wraps, hiding knives in our socks/
while cops would try and cotch, see 'em hide in their spots/
doing surveillance, looking bait, if I'm riding or not/

Stabbings on a regular, tell the kids "tell me what the fucking pigs said to ya"/ shooting up the messenger/
Youngers looking like pussy's, olders all cracked out/
shitty fucking area, I'm never going back now/

How can I forget, how can I say/
I got, love for the place, I remember the pain/
But I, left this shit, when they locked me away/
I feel 'em pulling me back, they're pulling again/

'cos we stacked it like a house of cards/
Kings with Aces, living with Queens, with out a hearts/
jokers looking like fiends, a joke with out a laugh, can't keep living in the past/ So i'm blowing down this mother fucking house of cards/

Now I'm older, in reflection, looking back/
I can't help but laugh about the cats, and all the slags/
yeah we had some good times, pockets looking fat/
West End, every weekend, after shifting all the wraps/

Even loved the violence, yeah gotta laugh at all the scraps/
But Yellow signs for a mile, we weren't laughing over that/
shitting ourselves, while CID, raided all our flats/
Party's every time we hear bust case, still loving that/

Every one was getting older, while the streets were getting colder/
looking over shoulders, 'cos soldiers had 9s in their holsters/
looking to pop, this ain't hip hop, this is beef with Claydon on the block/
now he's doing life for murder, feeling lucky I'm not!/

'Cos people knew, whether they liked me or not/
that I was about it, now I'm retired, living life on the top/
Lived life on the clock, done double the time that I got/
so I'm screaming “free all my boys, doing life on the block”/

How can I forget, how can I say/
I got, love for the place, I remember the pain/
But I, left this shit, when they locked me away/
I feel 'em pulling me back, they're pulling again/

'cos we stacked it like a house of cards/
Kings with Aces, living with Queens, with out a hearts/
jokers looking like fiends, a joke with out a laugh, can't keep living in the past/
So i'm blowing down this mother fucking house of cards/

I'm 28 now, stacking for a mortgage/
looking at me back then, who'd have fucking thought it/
the roads are dead to me, so I fuck 'em like I'm morbid/
a necrophiliac, I'm never looking back, yeah of course it's/

In my heart, my soul, my blood, my goal/
is to pass, my all, on and flood these roads/
for the youngsta in a flat surrounded by fiends/
be smart, have heart kid, and follow your dreams/

How can I forget, how can I say/
I got, love for the place, I remember the pain/
But I, left this shit, when they locked me away/
I feel 'em pulling me back, they're pulling again/

'cos we stacked it like a house of cards/
Kings with Aces, living with Queens, with out a hearts/
jokers looking like fiends, a joke with out a laugh, can't keep living in the past/
So i'm blowing down this mother fucking house of cards/
Track Name: NO GOOD

I'm from a place where, it's a bailiffs at the door/
sniff heads and whores, kids running from the law/
dick heads with draws, talking like they're raw/
shotted out and ounce, now they're talking like they saw/

the other side of the tracks, they're never turning back/
'till they end up getting jacked, beaten up and stabbed/
and they're singing like Amy, going back to black/
they acted like a gangster, then ended up a rat/

same time, an old ladies getting mugged/
by a junky 'cos he clucks, for the love of the drugs/
police searching for the cats, and you hear all these mugs/
calling the old bird a snitch, thinking that they're thugs/

like the old birds gonna strap up, and look for fiends/
kids in there teens, living in a dream/
talking like they know, 'cos they've sniffed a bit of coke/
but I catch 'em on the roads, i'll be eating up there doe/

Sort us out Age, you know I get me giro Tuesday/ Come on bruv/

I was that kid, that acted like a dick/
a lot of what I did, was shameless, I admit/
a mouth so big, I was quick with my fists/
but you wouldn't wanna cross me, especially when I'm pissed/

but at the same time, i'm my defence/
I had to, raise myself, it didn't make sense/
15 and kicked out, so knives got flicked out/
now I laugh with my dick out, 'cos i'm looking rich now/

well, neighbourhood rich, but richer than you/
and I, still got a dick, bigger than you/
some call it arrogance, I call it success/
girls seems to love it, the boys seem upset/-

so don't hate me 'cos i'm making it, i'm taking it/
all the way to the bank, while you fakes are still faking it/
another rapper rapping about money, but i'm done/
and it's my fucking CD, i'll rap what I want!/

I grew up, living off catalogues and tick/
down the pawn shop, every time Christmas hits/
searching down the sofa, 'cos them pennies make quids/
and if I can get 2 quid, then I can get pissed/

then I shot like Derrick Trotter, and it's lovely jublee/
rolling in a hummer limo, sipping on bubbly/
leaning out the window, popping the bub/
shouting, this is what happens when you sell drugs/

I, done the crime, done double the time/
now i'm, doing fine, i'm doing it right/
i'm, living my life, i'm living it nice/
and the cats on the estate, still getting high/

all the whores got older, but they still swallow cum/
kids still knock shit, and stay on the run/
dick heads still shot a bit of weed, and think they're the don/
none of us are no good, but this is our song/

I was sharing a cell with this smack head once/ and I asked him why he does that shit/ and he told me he became lost along time ago/ now he's just doing the Coffin Dance.

look, the bloke had a junky Mum, now a junky Son/
the whole family, were junky scum/
living with cardboard, up at the windows/
tales from the crack house, deep from in those/

pits of hell, where chicks inhale/
smoke and sell, there soul as well/
as there mouths, and arses, broken hearted/
numb, departed, here's where it started/

a kid took to drink, sipping on vodka/
at 11, while he's Mum, chased a monster/
social services, they got involved/
but the damage was done, it had taken hold/

so the kid went in care, but nobody cared/
he calls his Mum house, but nobodies there/
to pick up the phone, a house full of ghosts/
lying in heaps, in a room full of smoke/

he cries at night, hollow inside/
can't imagine, what goes through this kids mind/
he told me on he's birthday, when he was 12/
he's Mum got him a present, and said she had to sell/

herself to some bloke, and made it a joke/
a Gameboy, she'd later take back, for smoke/
he told me this, like it was nothing to him/
and like I say, that's just where the story begins/

look I know i've got to go, but the Devil holds me close/-
and a long time ago, I went a sold my soul/
so I know, i've got to go, but this demon's taking hold/
holds me close and won't let go, I wish i'd never sold my soul/

So I dance in a coffin, it's a dance I ain't stopping/
prescriptions and addictions, it's prison when I shopping/
'cos I dance in a coffin, high on drugs or i'm clucking/
like a zombie my bodies rotting, dancing in my coffin/

he eventually, got hooked himself/
it was a way to cope, first time in jail/
well that's what he told me, him and his co-de/
used to burgle houses, he said he knows he's/

fucked, he don't give a shit, about prison/
he'd do six months, and be back out given/
a whole load of benefits, to buy more drugs/
he take and take, but it just wasn't enough/

he'd lie and steal, burgle and deal/
he said he'd do, anything just to feel/
that warm embrace, of sweet, drugs/
and when he gets caught, he'd tell the judge/

lock me up, through away the key/
fuck your rehab, i'm a fiend/
but it was at a party, after he's release/
that shit went bad, 'cos of what he see/

look I know i've got to go, but the Devil holds me close/-
and a long time ago, I went a sold my soul/
so I know, i've got to go, but this demon's taking hold/
holds me close and won't let go, I wish i'd never sold my soul/

So I dance in a coffin, it's a dance I ain't stopping/
prescriptions and addictions, it's prison when I shopping/
'cos I dance in a coffin, high on drugs or i'm clucking/
like a zombie my bodies rotting, dancing in my coffin/

He woke up at he's Mum's, he said he'd barely slept/
he went to wake her up, but she was lying there dead/
he picked up a lamp, and beat a man to death/
because next to her corpse, there was 2 men in her bed/

they hadn't killed her, she'd just wasted away/
but he lost it and attacked them, in a moment of rage/
the judge gave him life, 15 before parole/
now he sits in my cell, still lost in the smoke/

look I know i've got to go, but the Devil holds me close/-
and a long time ago, I went a sold my soul/
so I know, i've got to go, but this demon's taking hold/
holds me close and won't let go, I wish i'd never sold my soul/

So I dance in a coffin, it's a dance I ain't stopping/
prescriptions and addictions, it's prison when I shopping/
'cos I dance in a coffin, high on drugs or i'm clucking/
like a zombie my bodies rotting, dancing in my coffin/

Before this story starts, let set the back drop/
a pregnant 17 year old, sat at home with a lap top/
dreaming of the day, the whole world knows her name/
in this day and age, where people do anything, for a bit of fame/

now I set the scene, it's back to the start/
this girl at 15, starts acting her part/
she plays the popular game, creates a name, in her heart/
she wants to feel loved, but in school, she's just a tart/

a joke to all the other kids, but she always gets a mention/
cuts all up her up, she self harms for attention/
starts posting statuses, saying she was raped/
gets the bandwagon rolling, now she gets a taste/

50 likes for a status, saying that she's staying strong/
she falls pregnant in school, so the likes keep coming along/
with every scan pic she posts, I hoped/
this story weren't true, when I heard it, 'cos it's cold/

but her baby died at 10 weeks, of cot death/
I'd have dropped dead, but her quest for likes, hasn't stopped yet/
she takes pictures of his coffin, lying in the ground/
160 likes, I hope it made her feel proud/

It's sickening, I feel physically upset/
but this story ain't even done yet/ -
same time she burry's her kid, she's pregnant by another man/
she's having twins at 17, I pray for the Mother and/

her unborn twins, 'cos the mother seems a state/-
still talking about, self harming a rape/
it rolls off the tongue, like normal conversation/
gets her tits out on request, any invitation/

on Ask FM, but they're far from friends/
they ain't fans neither, it's nothing but a laugh for them/
questions always arise, about her baby's death/
and she just answers them, posting pictures of her breasts/

she's just a kid, and I feel for her, trust/
'cos I seen these type of girls, getting lost to the drugs/
out of respect, the girl remains, nameless/
but when I mention her name to people, they say she's facebook famous/

And no one really knows how you're feeling, or what you've been though in your life/but I know there's more to life, than getting facebook likes/

Yo, I fucking hate rappers, I fucking hate rapping/
All these fucking bait rappers, with their fucking fake rapping/
Talking about money, from their bedroom at their mums flat/
in their mono-tone voice, nahh bruv, I'm done with that/

Fuck your Youtube hits, it don't mean shit/
Could have a million plus, be broke getting draws on tick/
shit's faker than the Raybans they're wearing/
and all this tough talk they talk, when they talk, who the fuck they scaring/

No one's buying their CDs, so every download's free/
Talk like they moved crack by the key, reality, half ounce of weed/
it's a joke, sucking off producers for a dead beat/
and producers are as bad, always talking they got the fresh beats/

All sounding the same, outstandingly plane/
Post it once, no response, so they post it again/
If people didn't like it once, they won't like it twice/
Moving like chicks, Facebook rappers, doing it for the likes/

Fuck these bullshit rappers, all rapping bullshit/
Money, Money, Money, but they can't afford shit/
Swag, haters, trap, all do is talk shit/
So fuck these Youtube rappers, rapping bullshit/

talking about how fake everyone else is, while their buying up hits/
saying their the realest and the illest, who you lying to kid/
do I lie, ask the best of the best, how much the earnt/
UK Hip Hops dead, rot in pieces, and burn/

Like a CD of the greatest hits/
'cos no one's buying shit anyway, it's why the fucking scene here's, gone to bits/ and rappers talk like it's for the love, but it show's their mugs/
rich kids with no bills, still living at their mums/

'Cos in the real world, we're all fighting for rent/
and we ain't got fucking time, to be rhyming for friends/
these days, there's more fucking rappers, than there are fans/
I don't wanna hear your shit flows, I ain't clapping their hands/

Let alone downloading that shit you're putting out/
I don't care if it's free or not, these bitches need putting down/
I get it, your hard, your real, all other rappers are fake/
you shot, you hate cops, you got money, fuck jakes/

Everyone dislikes you're music, 'cos everyone's a hater/
you got swag, you're dope, you're ill, see you later/
on level though, am I alone? Mono-tone flow/
I'd rather listen to a bit of Mo-Town at home/

But my timelines canned, with all this shit I don't like/
And no it's not fucking grime, 'cos you rap double time/
put a fake voice on, change your accent and talk shit/
that's why I'm singing fuck all this Rapping Bullshit/

Fuck these bullshit rappers, all rapping bullshit/
Money, Money, Money, but they can't afford shit/
Swag, haters, trap, all do is talk shit/
So fuck these Youtube rappers, rapping bullshit/
Track Name: BAD BOYS

Causing friction, fuck 'em hard, make 'em hurt like dry sex/
they said I rape these cock suckers, I call it surprise sex/
come on, what the fuck, tell me you ain't surprised yet/
I ain't even liqueured up, or sniffed a fucking line yet/

i'm a Bad Boy, ask them rich chicks, from Richmond/
tell me I ain't got the shit, to back it up, when I hit 'em/
they wanna, fuck Bad Boys, and piss off Daddy/
they play their part, give me the goodies, and call me the baddy/

I don't rap for the sake of it, I rap like a blatant prick/
an arrogant big head, who backs it up with this statement it's/
not fucking bullshit, if i've actually did it/-
And yeah, I maybe a prick, but this prick still hit it/-

facts you can't deny, got my grubby fingers pies/
you faggots, clashing my team, you must be fucking high/
'cos we're Bad Boys, the mother fucking type/
to stick Diddy with a syringe, gas his security team, and fuck his wife/

We ain't going no where, if one of us gets pinched/
then the other brothers, fuck shit up for him, while his in/
Like a pack of cards, pure diamonds, aces and kings/
you're team's like fanny in the sun, it fucking stinks/

Like shit pussy! We're all Violently Sick/
and we fuck shit up, so be quiet you div/
shit ain't a strip, frontline, it's just a fucking high street/
parole had me on an island, so I pirated these high seas/

you can tell i'm Pieces, i'm a slippery cunt/
with scales ready to weigh up, what ever you want/
i'm just taking the piss, tell your chick, i'll give her the dick/
fisting the fish, whilst sniffing her knicks, now that's violently Sick/

these labels seem desperate, like Kerry Katona/
while i'm counting money on the beach, sipping corona/
cockier than Kanye West, Yeezus/
so all you cunts, can call me Daddy, just like Jesus/

I'm a mother fucking rockstar, you wait and see/
i'm gonna bang jew chicks and cheer leaders, like a star from Glee/
and OD, on class A drugs, and a big bottle of bourbon/
after I fuck shit up, like little Kim's surgeon/

Get fucked up, like i'm in the toilets of parliament/
sniffing lines with David Cameron, while i'm spoiling environments/
bringing the tone down, I'll bringing 'em an O down/
Tulisa rings, fuck that, i'm putting the phone down/

it ain't cocaine and caviar, it's crack and kebabs/
in a place where kids get stabbed, for their blue peter badge/
so who gives a fuck if Kate took the Willy, and popped out a George/
he could never be a King in my manor, we're children of War/

Copped a pair of Dre beats, 220's the mugs way/
so little man on the estate, he copped 'em the thugs way/
Fuck Essex, the only way is the drugs way/
we smash champaign bottles over heads, let the blood spray/
Track Name: SWALLOW IT

Arrogant enough to rip a beat from Youtube, spit 4 bars on it and call it a hit/ keep the chorus, it's what every one else does, fuck it, either way this shit's gonna be sick/

Love me or hate me, you can't deny that you rate me/
spit the realest music, Jesus died to save me/
'cos I came from the dirt, the salt of the earth/
but the hunger, the struggle, it taught me, I leart/

not to fuck with a 2 faced snake, I'm too wise/
seeing these so called friends green eyes. I don't lie/
when I say I learned the hard way, I came from a dark place/
don't start mate, I suggest you keep out of harms way/

'cos I got too much guilt, but not one regret/
so you add to my guilt, i'll add stitches to your fucking head/
Pride's a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it/
otherwise it's 15 thugs, and the man they're all following/

coming to your house uninvited, like Jehovah's/
none of us middle class, and we all got chips on our shoulders/
just trying to surviving this shit, the best we can/
and no one's got time for this, don't test this man/

I will never let you live this down, told you not give it out/
you wanted to act big, and where's it's fucking got you pal?/
still doing the same shit, where's your fucking stats?/
where's your hits, where's your sales figures, where's it fucking at?/

'cos I got mine here, shining bright like a diamond/
I'ma Chris Brown your arse, slap a bitch and get violent/
and you don't really want it, so sit and be silent/
'Cos Tim Thumb, you don't wanna wake the giant/

And I ain't even calling no names, I ain't a bully/
but explain to your little pals, so they understand fully/
that i'm the type of man to come crush your whole team/
with the money and connections, the power and I know fiends/

that get Wiley for a pie, i'm talking Roll Deep/
you're Bo Peep, on your Twitter beef, so go Tweet/
keep whispering my name, trying to act brave/
It'll be Once Upon a Time again, I don't play/

I don't do music, to make money or get a dumb rep/
I got a reputation i'm trying to lose, It was once said/
great minds think alike, I guess they're right/
'cos i'm looking to exit music, and i'm Ready to Die/

i'm living this shit, the same as you/
but i'm man enough to pray, we all make it through/
I don't wanna live this life, you all think it's fashion/
i'm doing the best I can, and I ain't talking about rapping/

I got, bills to pay, kids that need/
a Dad in their life that can show them the path to lead/
and I admit I need, to be more of a man/
'cos I still fuck and fight like i'm 19, with a Stella in my hand/

Still roll with the Hooligans, get drunk with the thugs/
still on that street shit, gotta hustle, it's in my blood/
even if I fuck up, at least I tired/
what the fuck can you say, you ever done with your life?/

Fucking facebook faggots, fuck the indirects/
if you're a proper gangster, speak up, and come off the fucking internet/
ain't known around the manor, but bigging up his Twitter rep/
in a prison cell battling, on cassette, i'd fucking get respect/

from black, white, skin head, even Muslim and dreads/
'cos every mother fucker on the wing, knew I did what I said/
from in cell cassettes with Mets, ripping the sets/
to National Koestler Awards, collecting royalty cheques/
“I'm done!”-
Track Name: SO IN TO YOU

I ain't the type, nahh, you mess me around/
with all these silly arguments, i'm putting the phone down/
i'm the, King of my castle, i'm kicking you out/
go on back to your mothers then, see what i'm about/

i'm a man, fuck the soft song, show me what love is/
'cos the way you're acting, you're just taking the piss/
take this shit for granted, i'm the one paying the bills/
i'm the one investing his heart, in to dreams that i built/

you're just there for the ride, like shit's a joke to you/
you got me feeling like, it's over, trust, I hope for you/
you can fix up before it's too late, 'cos it's true babe/
you're a sweet girl, but you're causing me tooth ache/

when things are good, you're my best friend/
but when you're questioning my moves, it's a mess then/
I ain't trying to put you down, i'm just showing you your faults/
I ain't the type to get married, thinking of divorce/

Ain't a girl in this world, that's ever made me laugh more/
you say you want honesty, I give you what you ask for/
I get stressed and shout, 'cos life ain't all good/
that's life, if we could, stay up, we all would/

but it's, a roller-coaster, we're all in the same boat/
your family don't understand, 'cos they ain't the same though/
it's like mansions and council flats, being on the same road/
but a flat is a shell, with you it's a made home/

a relationships hard work, you come across lazy/
i'm rolling up my sleeves, working like crazy/
I see it from your point, you don't see it from mine/
so i'm sitting here, weighing up, the options in my mind

thinking what's the point, in always arguing the same shit/
never having fun, I swear I fucking hate this/
and it's stupid, think all the good shit we've done/
you know i'm the one, but I ain't the one in the wrong/

You shout at me like a mug, I tell you pack your bags bitch/
i've been through this shit before, I ain't about to have this/
I dash your shit down the stairs, you think I don't care/
but I do, it's just you make me feel crushed, and i'm scared/

of feeling like shit again, when i'm in the right/
the mad thing is, you admit I am, but still wanna fight/
where's the fucking sense in that, explain to me/
'cos that ain't love, nahh not, that's insane to me/

but I always feel bad, and tell you not to go/
you ask me if I love you, more than you could ever know/
but if you really loved me, you wouldn't leave me on my own/
you'd be knocking down my door, you'd be battering my phone/

'cos love conquers the impossible, ends of the earth shit/
you drop a tear with a sorry, and that's what hurts it's/
so weak of an apology, do I really deserve this?/
if you just listened more, our lives would be perfect/
Track Name: I TRIED

This one's out to all the Mothers, and all the Mothers, Mothers, and all other shit cunt Mothers along the way, check it -

It's hard, I can't always find the words to say/
from my heart, I can always feel hurt and pain/
but I can't, keep letting it go this way/
I can feel myself going insane, so i'm going to say/

everything I keep bottled up, please forgive me/
when I cuss certain people, but I need you with me/
so you need to know the truth, and I don't fib/
I couldn't give a shit, about all the things I did/

I did it for a reason, nahh I ain't perfect/
but I was made to feel my whole life, like I ain't worth it/
so I cheated, got with girls, that never made me feel worthless/
'cos Nanny and your Mum, they drove me to the nurses/

with a belly full of pills, they'ed rather see me killed/
than support me while i'm sick, ask them if it's real/
ask them if I tried, ask them I cried/
ask them if I didn't ask for help, a million times/

ask them if they let me down, ask what they did/
ask your Nan, how the fuck, she could treat her kids/
like she did and like she tries to, tell me that I try to/
cause trouble, when you know I avoid them, i'd like to/

never see them again, i'm dancing on their graves/
'cos both of them are dead to me, i'm dancing in the rain/
smiling, you see that, that's laughter on my face/
i've never been happier, I feel like i've escaped/

I tried, I tried/
oh lord, I tried/
I hope you fucking drown in tears, and cry/
you could apologise a million times/

Angel Jayne, you're my world, you're my baby girl/
your my princess, i'm a king, and i'ma give you the whole world/
Tyler your my boy, your my star, i'm annoyed, when they start/
trying to tell you your a bad kid, your a fucking star/

they say your not, they say that your naughty/
they say you're like me, maybe, 'cos no body taught me/
how to be good, I had to raised my self/
now look at me, yeah boy, I amaze my self/

And I know I ain't around, but i'm always there/
Whenever you need me, let me show you that I care/
i'm being real now your old enough to know the facts/
ask every boy around the block about your Mum. Perhaps/

I'm being cruel, i'll show you what cruel is/
a Dad having to have a DNA test, to confirm that his boy his/
shame on a Woman, more so a Mother/
Who pushes a Dad out her kids lives, because he don't love her/

but I love my daughter and my son/
So here's a list of every single thing, I ever done wrong, all in one song/
I drink, I fight, I went prison, I lied/
I cheated, and I cheated and I cheated, but I tried/

to stick I out with your Mum, I swear begged her to stay/
'cos I knew if we split up, she's never let me see you again/
And what she do now? But I guess I just bull shit/
You've seen her call me up, I put the phone down, she talks shit/

I tried, I tried/
oh lord, I tried/
I hope you fucking drown in tears, and cry/
you could apologise a million times/

I cut them out my life, i'm doing better than ever/
my life's perfect, even better with you, better together/
the amount of times I say, I don't want her in my life/
but she's bitter like my Mother, still wants to be a wife/

and I try to be nice, for your sake, I tried/
but the bottom line is, i don't wanna get back on that bike/
I tried to be civil, I tried to get along/
but she calls me up at midnight, singing the same old song/

and we can play games, he said, she said, he said/
but what's the fucking point, we need to admit, we said/
we said things wrong, done things wrong/
we got kids we both love, but it don't mean we gotta get along/

it's not a reason to stop them, seeing their Dad/
what sort of Mother hurts her own children, you're fucking mad/
you can't stop them from loving me, change their name/
but can't change their face, and her names Angel Jayne/

I tried, I tried/
oh lord, I tried/
I hope you fucking drown in tears, and cry/
you could apologise a million times/
Track Name: Parental Advisory (SKIT)
Track Name: 25 KEYS

it's hard for me to open up, and say all these things/
I grew up in a different world to most of you, you'd all think/
I was sick in the head, but when I was kicked in the head/
beaten up and stamped out, left shiting my bed/

on a morphine drip, unconscious in intensive care/
waking up for 4 days later, and nahh I weren't scared/
of what I see on the other side, the nurse told me that I died/
I died twice, and was resuscitated back to life/

the only man the nurse had ever seen/
to discharge himself, pull his drip out, take a wheel chair, and leave/
she said I could die, and I looked her straight in the eyes/
and with a smile I said, third time lucky right/

it's wrong to think like that, looking back now I know/
but i'm leaving in a wheelchair, and I haven't got a home/
i'm back out on that road, bagging up them Oz/
and karma got them faggots back, well, so i'm told/

the police couldn't catch a cold, without a snitch it's a fact/
and if you live the life I have, and fuck with pigs, you're a rat/
posing with guns in your pictures, then writing up a statement/
I hope all you snitches end up, bleeding on pavements/

'cos I was just 21, when a judge gave me life/
for doing the shit these rappers talk about, in there rhymes/
I remember being on remand, praying he don't come to court/
and when that blue screen went up to protect his face, I just thought/

it's over for me, but I took my sentence like a man/
got my head down, studied hard, now here I stand/
living proof, of what you can achieve with a dream/
I ain't talking rap, i'm talking facts, know what I mean?!/

so what i'd jack dealers, and kick off doors/
'cos Christmas was coming up, and my family were poor/
and I had to get my brother some clothes, and that Pikachu toy/
we never had a proper Dad, and Mum don't favour her boys/

i'm living between houses, 'cos my kids Mum's a cunt/
messing with my head, she wished I was dead, and gets what she wants/
suicidal, can't even think straight, minds fucked/
so tell me how normal wrists look, mine's cut/

drinking like an alcoholic, hitting rock bottom/
I was in a cell for 5 years, the whole time I was forgotten/
even now, I barely see my own kids/
and it ain't, got a fucking thing, to do with, the shit that I did/

even my kids know now, she's just a bitter bitch/
who can't handle rejection, and that's what it is/
but they both know that I love 'em, and they know that i'm honest/
this CD's my life, that's why, I put both of them on it/

still struggle with depression, something out of my control/
I may have a roof over my head, but still haven't got a home/
try going to the council, they don't even wanna know/
the story of my life, I do it on my own/

now i'm here, so close, never though i'd see the day/
I could save away, enough money, to try and get a place/
from working on a push bike, on estates, shotting eights/
always running from the coppers, always trying to bust a case/

but I worked the streets, got a 5 from them/
it's now 9:55, I flipped 5 to 10/
now 10's nearly stacked, I gotta flip it to 20/
20 percent of 100 grand flat, couple years, i'll be ready/

to get that mortgage, leave the streets, buy to rent/
it's been a long term dream, but all the time I spent/
getting to the position that I am/-
it's only right i'm earning clean money, without dirtying my hands/

and I hear people say, they thought Age would rap that grime talk/
but why would I, no comment police, then tell the world my crime for/
it doesn't make sense, and besides that, i'm legal/
and I don't rap for the roads, I rap for my people/

the people who understand what it's like, to have to carry knives/
'cos there's mother fuckers out there like you, looking to take your life/
so you stay ready, hands on that tin of gas in your pockets/
drugs ballsed up, on your way to go and shot it/

I was born boxed in, the system would never let me win/
Red or Blue, it don't fucking matter who is in/
I hate the government, so when I can finally afford it/
i'm gonna make housing benefit, pay off my fucking mortgage/

and if you dare say it's working mans tax, you're dumb/
use Google for something other than porn, you stuck up cunt/
read the figures for yourself, before you're all on facebook/
welcoming Prince George, and see how much you pay, look/

i'm just gonna do the best I can, playing the system and I am/
in a position to look at the bigger picture, and fully understand/
fight for queen and country, get chewed up and spat out/
I've had 5 friends in the army, all of them are back now/

everyone's a criminal, the money we use is stolen/
it's not a conspiracy, it's basic history, i've spoken/
to a lot of educated people, then studied it my self/
religion is a mask of war, the real cause of it is wealth/

and yes your tax, helps dossers, but it also kills kids/
but you'd rather ignore them facts, ignorance is bliss/
and I understand it all, and understand it properly/
you think the fat mum, with 6 kids, is the cause of our economy/

people out here, on these fucking estates are poor/
they buy a second homes, whilst sending us to war/
'cos there are no jobs, shot drugs or sign up/
or work a dead end job with no hope, 'till your times up/

it's a generation of stress, and certain people are blessed/
to be born in to a family of home owners, 'cos the rest/
of us estate mother fuckers, have barely gotta chance/
how fucking sad is it to dream, of being middle class/

and fuck anyone that don't agree, with how I live my life/
I done the crime, done the time, now i'm getting mine/
and only the real people of the struggle, will see what I see/
and understand, I drop a 100 bars, and called it 25 keys/
Track Name: ARSE HOLE

I say fuck you all, and mean it from the bottom of my heart/
it's hard for me to be anything other than arrogant, in the past/
i've been cast out, how the fuck did you start out/
I was born on a South London estate, don't fucking ask how/

I can be so cocky with my new shit, thinking i'm a rude prick/
I grew up with no choice, get involved and do shit/
born without a penny, Mum smoking the electric/
old man in Prison, living in a squat. Yeah I accept it/

I was spoilt as a kid, had an Aunt and Nan/
So spoilt, I guess I made myself homeless at 15! You can/
lie to the world, but can't lie to yourself/
I was so spoilt as kid, 'cos I spoilt myself/

so spoilt by 16, I was in a hospital bed/
tubes down my fucking throat, wishing I was dead/
so fuck you in your arse hole, call me a fucking arse hole/
I am a fucking arse hole, but i'll have the last laugh though/

You do what you know best, until you know better/
so I was on them fucking roads, what ever the fucking weather/
slept in the fucking frost, another youth lost/
gotta get this fucking money, at whatever the cost/

drunk straight for 5 years flat, liver screaming/
trying to mask this depression, drinking 'till i'm heaving/
yeah i'm sick, and you ain't fucking heard the last of it/
2nd mix-tape, you don't even know the half of it/

The only person who ever truly understood was an alcoholic/
Who died September the 11th, I swear man could vomit/
a 100 bars of sickness about how this makes me feel/
I could tare down 2 towers and see a 100 men killed/

just to let the man know, i'm doing it now/
7 weeks at Number 1, am I doing you proud/
'cos I still feel shit, like I could fucking quit/
so fuck everyone, lets make a toast, to this prick/

What's the point in turning back time, if you was born cursed/
to be born poor again, when your Mum ain't got a penny in her purse/
and she's stressing at you, 'cos she ain't got a fucking cigarette/
while your Dads out fucking other women, do you fucking get it yet/

I'm trying to be somebody, trying to get on up/
trying to get the fuck out this place, i'm trying so much/
music ain't shit to me, to me it's just therapy/
but I'll survive or die trying, so fuck what they're telling me/
Track Name: HOPE

I know it'll be alright, i'll, find a way, I promise some day, that I/
will be right by your side, everything alright, just close your eyes and say/ -these - words - with me/ I will find love, and I will find peace/
I know i'll survive, I know I can be, anything that I dream of/
I have Hope -

All i've ever wanted was love, all i've ever felt is hate/
I had hope in a prison cell, almost felt like fate/
'cos i'd pray for a chance, same place I learned to play/
the piano and write songs, in a church, locked away/

and desperate and alone, I threw caution to the wind/
prayed to a God, I could never comprehend believing in/
more than money and success, no desire to even win/
more than even being free, I just prayed for someone to let me in/

understand and love me, through my sickness and my health/
felt like I was by myself, not a single soul that I could tell/
every Christmas, Birthday, Fathers Day, locked up in a cell/
hoping on a card, but every year, that floor is where I fell/

So I prayed for someone, scared of being alone/
scared of walking out of prison, and being on my own/
with no money, no family, and no place that I could go/
but God answered my prayers, 'cos I met a girl that gave me hope/

I know it'll be alright, i'll, find a way, I promise some day, that I/
will be right by your side, everything alright, just close your eyes and say/ -these - words - with me/ I will find love, and I will find peace/
I know i'll survive, I know I can be, anything that I dream of/
I have Hope -

The funniest chick i've ever met, and this is why i never said/
how much she means to me, because one day, after she's left/
I'll be left, with a constant reminder, a hole in my chest/
because she may be a gift from God, but i'm a fucking mess/

all I ever do is wait for things to go wrong, it's so long/
feeling sick with anxiety, no strength to even hold on/
but she deserves better than the empty shell, i've become/
i'm weak man, even getting stressed with my Daughter and Son/

just feels like i'm falling, pulling everyone with me/
drinking 'till I rot my liver, I and I dry out my kidney's/
self medicating, because this life is devastating/
lost so much time, time wasting, becomes so frustrating/

but every second with you is a blessing, i'm sorry i'm stressing/
all the fucking time, and making our lives so depressing/
but even if you leave tomorrow, I need you to know/
It was never your fault, I was born in this hole/

I know it'll be alright, i'll, find a way, I promise some day, that I/
will be right by your side, everything alright, just close your eyes and say/ -these - words - with me/ I will find love, and I will find peace/
I know i'll survive, I know I can be, anything that I dream of/
I have Hope -

How can I ever trust, when all i've ever known is lies/
all i've ever felt is hurt, a crushing pain inside/
that you could never understand, unless you've felt it yourself/
how can I trust in God, when I know the devil so well/

it's easy for people to pick on, and make out like it's nothing/
but depression eats my soul, until I feel like i'm cutting/
everything out my life that's good, because i'm scared/
that they'll all leave anyway, so i'm just getting prepared/

i'm leaving this world soon, i'll be dirt, a distant memory/
it sounds pathetic, I just hope someone remembers me/
for the person I am inside, before darkness takes my mind/
and i'm lost in the place i've tried, to escape my entire life/

sat in a black hole, drinking to numb the pain/
so I can cope another day, with all the shit i've had to take/
the music's over, the song stops, and I fade away/
a sore loser, I guess I should have never played the game/

Hope is a beautiful thing, but like love it's unpredictable, some times maybe it's best to just to be realistic and give up on your dreams, accept that all hope has gone. But maybe, just maybe, i'm just weak.

I know it'll be alright, i'll, find a way, I promise some day, that I/
will be right by your side, everything alright, just close your eyes and say/ -these - words - with me/ I will find love, and I will find peace/
I know i'll survive, I know I can be, anything that I dream of/
I have Hope -