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Megan Em
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Megan Em Loved this artist since i first discovered his songs on Youtube. Since then i've been hooked. I love the fact he interacts so well with his fans through facebook and the handmade graffiti CD is unbelievably dope. This is the most diverse Hiphop CD i own, and at the same time, it's also the most consistent. BUY x BUY x BUY <3 Favorite track: BROKEN (Live from HMP Ford).
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Paul This album is sick, if you like real shit which aint fake then you need to listen to this.
This is the first of many out of this world albums, every bar you listen to makes so much sence trust me download this now. Favorite track: SCREAM.
Kraze Kingston
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Kraze Kingston This is the best track for me! the story told in this track is a real life event taking place daily in a lot of peoples lives. sit down put your feet up and take in all that has to be said on this track! also look out for once upon a time which is also a story telling sensation! hold tight! PEACE!! Favorite track: SCREAM.
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    THE WARNING. Violently Sick entertainment © ℗
    The controversial debut Mix-tape from one of London Underground's most Sickening Hip Hop Artists.

    Each Limited Edition CD has been hand made by AGER and is categorised with it's own individual number. There will only be 100 of these Graffiti Style designs ever made. 

    ✖ Sadly the 1st run have now SOLD OUT! However, similar CD's are still available. Please contact me for further details at Thank You

    Includes unlimited streaming of THE WARNING via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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The controversial debut Mix-tape from one of London Underground's most Sickening Hip Hop Artists. Violently Sick entertainment © ℗

THE WARNING is an 18 Track mix-tape of pure cut and paste. It is the very definition of a mix-tape as it includes some well known production re-mixed and re-smashed by AGER, as well as Original Production and Live recordings.

To date, this Mix-tape has spent a total of 7 weeks at Number 1 in Bandcamp's UK Hip Hop Most Popular Chart, with the Compact Disc reaching Number 9 in Bandcamp's Best Selling Hip Hop, alongside Wu-Tang Clan's 12 ReasonsTo Die at Number 3.

Several of the songs have been embedded on, as well as a number of other Music sites including US Hip Hop Artist The Game's, were the Intro Song, #BANGBANGBANG, was giving a 5 Star Rating and credited to have “Massive Underground Appeal”



released December 26, 2012

THE WARNING & STILL FIGHTING Recorded & originally Mixed by Erfman Beats, then re-mixed by AGER due to poor quality! TRYING TO LIVE Additional Programming & Production by Tim Ross. Recorded & Mixed by Tim Ross. TOO CLOSE Recorded & Mixed by Ming Da Merciless at Dex fm. BROKEN Recorded Live in HMP Ford on a cassette deck rigged by Richie 'Awesome' Kinzett. All other Tracks Recorded & Mixed by AGER in his flat, live on a 24 track recorder using a dynamic microphone, then Mixed between 2 broken laptops using iTunes! Haha. Recorded in Dirty Lo-Fi. All Artwork & Designs by AGER.

AGER would like to Thank the following: Everyone who's paid for a copy of My Music and ALL those that have followed and Supported what i do. It means more to me than any of you could ever know, so Thank You. An extended Thanks to David Ousten who without, none of this would have ever been possible. Peace

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VIOLENTLY SICK UK Rap Music, fresh from the London Underground!

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Last year The Warning dropped, you all called it sadistic/ It was back in the day when me and Jimmy would fix it/ I’m a force in this game. I ain’t here to be liked/ I swag drinks, slap chicks, get loud and start fights/ I’m a mother fucking nightmare, who don’t fight fair/ A mother fucker getting your baby mother out her nightwear/ so a years gone and I ain’t done much. Sat on facebook beating my dick to all the pictures of you dumb sluts/ well if you’re kind enough to show us your stretch marks/ I’m kind enough to give you a dose of my best ma/ I gave ‘em a head start, they had five years/ and where the fuck are them clowns now? Still sat right here/ on the level let me level, I’ll bring you the stats/ 85,000 hits without a studio. Fact!/ made a few grand on my own just sat in my flat/ I’m lazy and I’m eating, now I’m getting fat/ yeah I’m fucking lazy, that’s in my own admission/ but Hip Hop’s dead, I don’t see no completion/ and no one wants to pay, but everyone wants to listen/ so my will for this shit’s like Madeline, missing/

BANG, you don’t wanna fuck with us/ you get BANGED, stabbed up and left for dust/ like BANG, there goes your lung you cunt/ you mother fuckers get dropped like BANG, BANG, BANG/ BANG, you don’t wanna fuck with us/ you get BANGED, stabbed up and left for dust/ like BANG, there goes your lung you cunt/ you mother fuckers get dropped like BANG, BANG, BANG/

I may have lost a couple of teeth but I ain’t never lost a beef/ call AGER on these streets and you can meet the fucking beast/ see us bringing the tone down, drunk, paralytic/ I leave blood on these streets like a drunk paramedic/ my team moves weight like we’re juicing on the bench/ while you tick half Oz’s and tweet “man moves dench”/ I ain’t talking mussels when I say we flex guns/ I’m talking run up in your drum, flexing on your Mum/ and you can talk all that fair fight fist shit/ I fight like a pissed prick, sniffing pussy out your fish lips/ we got problems, I got knuckles that’ll solve ‘em/ let me dust ‘em off it’s been a while since I showed ‘em/ no need to scrap when you’re sat at the top/ I just point, say attack and watch bodies drop/ that’s the power of a team with a decade of history/ youngers turned men, spilt blood and made the streets miss me/ certified villains, top of the class with high marks/ no rats in our outfit, you look like Splinter went to Primark/ everyone saying ditches for snitches like they thug/ half of these cunts are snitching, I ain’t seeing no ditches dug/


I run up bust quick like the pussy’s on the clock/ red light. I’m fucking shit up, you can hear it go pop/ I slip in, dripping, leave the bitch skipping/ back to her man, next week he’ll be itching/ knives from the kitchen and surgical gloves/ I don’t fuck with no bitching, I’m murdering mugs/ sicker than the sickest to ever say they got the sickness/ I’m the sickest in this business and I just showed you what sick is/

Violently Sick entertainment ©
In your memory-
I’ma burn a candle, gulping Jack Daniels/ Kick a bitch in her cunt, jack her fucking bangles/ The child my cunt of a Dad failed to fucking strangle/ Sick enough to grip the blade and stab you with the handle/ I’m fresh out of jail from a five, with my head high/ Plotting like a crook, trying to get my head right/ To be with my son and daughter, hold them dead tight/ But I’m on a crooked path and I don’t fucking tread right/ My dead eyes scream tales of hatred, look/ I dash it back at the judge for throwing the fucking book/ Grew up in a prison cell and never got shook/ Kids played Pokémon, I played with wraps and hooks/ And I ain’t talking music, I’m talking pure street shit/ Got told I’d never be shit, and you wonder why I speak sick/ You can’t comprehend the fucking demons that I sleep with/ And you wonder why I wake up in a bad mood, eat dick/ Spin my shit, pump this on your IPod/ Them other cock suckers ain’t got what I got/ So step it, rep it, flex them abs/ But that six pack won’t stop your flesh getting stabbed/ Yeah I’m rehabilitated but I still sip Beam/ Now I only fuck a chick if she’s sixteen/ IDs at the ready, and get me a drink love/ We ain’t gonna go steady, but I’ll get you to stink up/ Foul mouthed, like your old man found out/ His little princess has been rimming my bowls out/ Drop the beat, remember the old school/ Sipping Twenty-Twenty like a ghost I told you/ I spit sick, like words from a cup chick/ And you’ll gobble ‘em up quick, like a fat chick who sucks dick/ Trust it’s, about to go off/ Ladies and gentlemen it’s the return of the show off/ Kids for this music you need parental guidance/ ‘Cos it’s nothing but Alcohol, Sex ‘n’ Violence/ So all you punks listen up and hear me good/ I’ma leave cunts bleeding, period/

Give me alcohol, give me sex/
Give me violence or give me death/
If I die, before I wake/
Write I did it my way, on my grave/

Pissed on White Lighting, always fighting/ Bricks flying, bottles smashing and I’m knifing/ Force nice girls in to engagements and I’m wifing/ If I’m saying I’m faithful, bitch I’m lying/ ‘BOO’, tell your kids about Age/ The only time I use a condom’s to hide the DNA/ I’m blowing up in your face like home made grenades/ Hiding in a park with a mask of Michael's face/ I wear my heart on my sleeve and my sleeve’s got gonorrhea/ So next time I fall in love I’ll cut off the cunts ear/ Put it in a box and scream in it every night/ Granted I’m no artist, but I know what I like/ And yeah I admit, I’m a bit of a cunt/ But I don’t give a fuck, yeah I say what I want/ You don’t fucking like it, you can go and jump/ On Fritzl's tongue like his son when his drunk/ This is my music and I’m causing a scandal/ Fucking up the Underground like a graffiti vandal/ I plan to make you all sick/ I’m the best thing you’ve clicked since one cup and two chicks/

Give me alcohol, give me sex/
Give me violence or give me death/
If I die, before I wake/
Write I did it my way, on my grave/

Give me alcohol, give me sex/
Give me violence or give me death/
If I die, before I wake/
Write I did it my way, on my grave/

Violently Sick entertainment ©
I wrote this four years in to my sentence. Listen up-
All those pricks who wanna say shit, like AGER ain’t the same, it’s/ Pointless calling my name bitch, I’m so high above this fake shit/ I’m looking down on planes and shit, you’re looking like ants to me/ I’m burning you to flames you bitch, I need a magnifying glass to see/ You stupid little cunts! This ain’t no fucking game/ And I’m not some fucking punk, I’ll win and don’t even play/ I been in jail like four years now, survived it all you can’t knock me down/ I’ve seen it all you can’t shock me now, and now I’m here you’re gonna stop me, how?/ I was sentenced life by a judge, felt my life die, the blood/ Had my lungs not working proper, then my heart stopped I’m gonna/ Die, I flat lined, not once but fucking twice/ Woke up four days later in intensive care, my family at my side/ See my Nans my eyes crying, must be her prayers that helped me rise/ Now I hear these liars lying, should have been enough to realise/ Should have got out that game, it’s a shame I was too young and thick/ And got back in that same shit, but fuck it now it’s come to this/


I’m going for this fucking shit, ain’t nothing holding me back/ I’m gonna show that I ain’t bluffing bitch, holding the mic like it’s a strap/ I’m blowing down this fucking shit, tell the Pigs the Wolf is back/ I hope that house is full of bricks, to jack you fools I’m cool with that/ Been violent in this city, stabbing cats since it was ninety six/ Been surviving since a little kid, I’m original so quiet bitch/ Tuck those chains, hide your shit, you know what fucking time it is/ Kneel on the road and ask the gutter who I am, I ain’t hyping shit/ Earned my stripes, climbed the ranks, you cunts are hyped talking ‘shanks’/ Done a couple of months on remand and talk about ‘pen’, you ain’t worth a wank/ Your CDs are a fucking joke, like these clowns that fuck with coke/ Shift an O and claim to run the roads, but they can’t back that. No!/ I been around made men, trust me you ain’t them/ I pray for you fucking weak cowards. Amen/ Since the gates opened, I’m going for this I’m focused/ I want this shit forever, I won’t stop. I fucking own this/


Violently Sick entertainment ©
They say if you want Peace prepare for War/ I say if you want Peace, put the gun down I applaud/ our soldiers for their duty, but I hate their cause/ fucking Devil's stealing lives, money grabbers with their claws/ in the backs of the needy and the vulnerable/ cutting pensions and disabled benefits, yeah, fuck the constables/ who enforce this law whilst breaking it/ fuck Conservative and every fucking voter who put a stake in it/ gave a failing country to some cunts who started raping it/ even if I work, fuck Tax, I ain't paying it/ so they can buy a second home, down a rich road/ in a postcode that someone like me could never go/ I could never own my own home, full stop/ I'd be lucky to get a council flat back home but i'm not/ dwelling on this shit, like I say keep my head high/ I'll forever fight to break free from this dead life/

To all my people in the struggle, hold your heads high/ together we'll find the Peace that we're craving/ to my people on the hustle, keep your minds right/ together we'll fight for this peace and we'll make it/ so Peace to the Scammers, the Shotters and Lowlifes/ Peace to the Benefit Fraudsters in the doll line/ Peace to my boys and girls banged up, hold tight/ Peace to my Lowlifes, Peace. Hold tight/

How the fuck can I talk about Peace in these songs, when all I've ever known is crime on these streets. Yeah it's long/ seeing bailiffs knocking, and pigs kicking your doors off/ crackheads burgling houses when their drugs have worn off/ watching crack whores walk these spots, their knickers torn off/ teenage mothers pissed up and they'll suck you till your soft/ just to feel some sort of love and affection/ smashed out their nuts fucking anyone for a connection/ their babies are on registers for child protection/ cause the mum likes to party the kid suffers neglection/ it's a sick work, a shit world and this shit world/ wont change 'till everyone stops following this girl/ and that's why I'm here now talking of Peace/ because people wont learn if you don't teach/ I wont preach but if I don't speak no one will hear you/ So I'll blow my fucking lungs out trying to reach you, here's to/

HOOK: (Repeat)

Fucking cunts keep raising Tax, taking Tax/ untill we start smashing through the fucking windows to take it back/ Mr Cameron, "Call me Dave!", Dave/ if you're so fucking down with the people, how comes you're so fucking afraid/ to face the problem face to face, you fucking waste of space/ Nick Clegg I'm fucking amazed you should feel so ashamed/ getting in bed with this pimp he don't even give you a say/ and when he fucks you, he don't even look in your face/ 'cause you're just a bitch, and he's the big prick/ honestly both of you cunts and your teams make me sick/ and I haven't forgotten about Brown and Blair/ Labour, even though everyone seems to forget that they're/ the reason the Country's fucking gone to the dogs/ what kind of society is better off on benefits then getting a job/ are you really fucking serious 'cause/ you'd be better off waving a white flag. You've lost/ the trust in the people for generations to come/ 'cause I'm telling you the same things I'm telling my son/ that America is dumb and you follow these cunts/ lick their arseholes then address us with the same tongue/ breath stinking of Death, Greed and War/ and I for one won't fucking have it no more/ so I'ma voice my opinion like the Media, here's the heading/ a Country crippled with debt throws a multimillion pound Wedding.

Violently Sick entertainment ©